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You know that Canada doesn’t work without the businesses and manufacturers who make the products we use everyday. But increasingly these businesses are facing an uphill climb trying to negotiate new government polices that are increasingly getting in the way of their ability to create new jobs and grow Canada’s economy.

We fight for Canadian manufacturing and businesses to ensure we keep jobs in Canada and support business competitiveness.

At CCMBC, we:

  • Speak out against government policies that hurt Canadians businesses and manufacturing.
  • Inform Canadians about the state of Canadian business and promote policies that grow our economy, ensuring everyone has access to good well paying jobs.
  • Promote investment and encourage development of skills and talent to help manufacturing grow.

CCMBC is a growing and powerful voice advocating for a policy agenda that helps small and medium sized manufactures and other businesses in every sector across Canada.

By becoming a supporter of CCMBC, you will receive information about all of this and more. We’ll also ask you for your opinion on important issues from time to time to better inform the work we do.

You know that when people join together, we can make a difference. Join us and help us in the fight to grow the economy and make Canada a place where businesses can flourish.


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