Who We Are

The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada (CCMBC) was founded in 2016 to provide a different kind of business advocacy.  The CCMBC represents small- and medium-sized manufacturers and other businesses in every sector across Canada.  We are a growing and powerful voice advocating for a policy agenda that supports Canadian business competitiveness and keeps good jobs in Canada.  Unlike many other business organizations, we will never accept money from any government source, ensuring that the interests of business remain our exclusive and leading priority. 


1. Bring back manufacturing, creating prosperity, opportunity, jobs instead of shipping them offshore  to countries with weaker standards
2. Promote investment and encourage development of the skills and talent required for manufacturing, especially skilled trades and STEM education
3. Create energy affordability coupled with climate change realism
4. Prosperity and a cleaner planet with our resource, plastics and manufacturing industries by focusing on innovation and a circular economy
5. Freedom of thought, expression, speech and liberty

The Coalition in Action

The CCMBC works with its members to actively promote the interests of manufacturers and other businesses through outreach to politicians, policy experts, the media and the general public.  Toward that end we engage in the following activities:

Liaise with politicians at all levels of government

Author opinion/editorial articles to legacy and social media

Networking with other provincial and national organizations

Host roundtables and other information sessions with policy makers and business executives

Participate in Parliamentary Committee hearings at the provincial and national levels

Host the program Canadian Innovators on The News Forum television channel

Publish policy papers on relevant issues

Undertake advertising and media campaigns