Who We Are

The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada (CCMBC) was founded in 2016 to provide a different kind of business advocacy.  The CCMBC represents small- and medium-sized manufacturers and other businesses in every sector across Canada.  We are a growing and powerful voice advocating for a policy agenda that supports Canadian business competitiveness and keeps good jobs in Canada.  Unlike many other business organizations, we will never accept money from any government source, ensuring that the interests of business remain our exclusive and leading priority. 


1. Bring back manufacturing, creating prosperity, opportunity, jobs instead of shipping them offshore  to countries with weaker standards
2. Promote investment and encourage development of the skills and talent required for manufacturing, especially skilled trades and STEM education
3. Create energy affordability coupled with climate change realism
4. Prosperity and a cleaner planet with our resource, plastics and manufacturing industries by focusing on innovation and a circular economy
5. Freedom of thought, expression, speech and liberty

The Coalition in Action

The CCMBC works with its members to actively promote the interests of manufacturers and other businesses through outreach to politicians, policy experts, the media and the general public.  Toward that end we engage in the following activities:

Liaise with politicians at all levels of government

Author opinion/editorial articles to legacy and social media

Networking with other provincial and national organizations

Host roundtables and other information sessions with policy makers and business executives

Participate in Parliamentary Committee hearings at the provincial and national levels

Host the program Canadian Innovators on The News Forum television channel

Publish policy papers on relevant issues

Undertake advertising and media campaigns

Board of Directors

CCMBC’s Board is comprised of executives of a range of different businesses plus policy experts. All Board members are volunteers who have a profound commitment to ensuring Canada’s business environment is competitive, business-friendly and conducive to providing good jobs for Canadians. Board members provide national and international perspectives on how government policies affect their business’ ability to grow and prosper. The Board oversees the governance, strategic direction and policy priorities of the CCMBC, and ensures financial stability for the organization

Jocelyn Bamford - Founder - Board CEO - CCMBC

Jocelyn Williams Bamford is the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Ontario which was form in September of 2016 in response to unfavorable legislation impacting businesses in Ontario. Jocelyn in also the Vice President of Automatic Coating Limited, located in Scarborough, Ontario. Automatic Coating Limited (ACL) is recognized worldwide as having one of the most technologically advanced powder and liquid coating facilities in North America specializing in the application of high performance liquids and powder coating. Jocelyn previously held positions of Director of Sales with AT&T Canada and sales management at Bell Canada. In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors for the Scarborough Hospital Foundation, Jocelyn is also the Co-Chair for The Scarborough Hospital Foundation's Women of Philanthropy Council. Jocelyn served as vice chair of Elizabeth Simcoe Public School and chair of fundraising for Parent Council from Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts for Carlton University and an honours equivalent from the University of Guelph where she graduated with distinctions.

President – Catherine Swift

Catherine Swift was President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) from 1995 to 2014, after serving as Vice Presdient and Chief Economist of CFIB from 1987 to 1995.  She was Senior Economist for TD Bank from 1983 to 1987, and worked with the federal government in Ottawa from 1976 to 1983 as an economist in the Departments of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Industry and Communications.  She has sat on a number of Boards, has been named one of the 100 most powerful women in Canada by the Women's Executive Network and was a recipient of the Queen's Gold and Silver Jubilee medals. She has authored number articles in the media on small business, women in business and taxation and trade issues.

Peter Gossmann - Vice-President of CCMBC

Peter Gossmann is currently a partner at Plasticap. responsible as General Manager since 2007. He has held positions in the plastics industry since 1978. This includes 25 years in the field of plastic injection mould making 2 years in plastic injection machine manufacturing and 10 years in the business of plastic processing specifically in the cap and closure market. In his 37 year career, he has been a small business owner in whole or in part for 27 of those years. He started his first business in mould making in 1985 at the age of 27, joined as a partner in a large mold making company in 1996, sold his interest in that business in 2003 and joined Plasticap as a partner in 2007. As a senior VP in the mould making business Mr. Gossmann was fully responsible for 5 mold making companies in Canada the USA and Germany having a total of 300 skilled mold makers, designers and engineers with revenues of $50 million. Prior to investing in Plasticap Mr. Gossmann held the position of Business Manager for two years at a world class Canadian injection moulding machine manufacturer and for the last 10 years has held the position of VP GM at Plasticap.

Scott Dunsmoor P.Eng - Board Treasurer

Scott Dunsmoor. P.Eng and his brother Jim Dunsmoor are the third generation of Dunsmoors to operate All-Weld Company Limited. The company was founded in 1920 by Mr. John Sharp and after his passing in the early 60's the company was sold to our (late) grandfather William S. Dunsmoor after working for All-Weld since 1934. Our father William A Dunsmoor P.Eng joined All-Weld after university in the early 60's and is still active in the business today. Our specialty is custom steel fabrication of large industrial processing equipment for a variety of industries. Although the majority of our clients are engineering houses in North America we have shipped our products all around the world. We have grown to include specialty divisions such as Aurora Filters and Patterson Industries Canada. Our most significant strengths include our diversification of products and services supplied. our full service capabilities from engineering. fabrication, machining, and quality assurance accreditation, and most importantly the skill and dedication of every member of our All-Weld Team.

Shalini M. Sheth - CSCP Board Secretary

Shalini is currently the Director of Operations at Surati, the leading manufacturer of East Indian Snack and baked goods. Shalini has worked in the manufacturing industry for over 15 years in both Supply Chain and Operations Management roles. Currently sit on the Scarborough Women of Philanthropy Board.

Scott Hughes - Hupaco Wood Products

Scott is the 2nd generation owner of Hupaco Wood Products Ltd, a privately owned and operated pallet and crate manufacturing company located in Ajax Ontario. Having started on the factory floor at 15, Scott has worked in every position from janitorial to management. He has helped design solutions for the safe and secure handling of products in nearly every industry from manufacturing to warehousing and shipping for over 30 years. Scott has also worked in the construction industry in a manufacturing capacity as well as a contractor and has worked with many of the leading Home Builders, Architects and Structural engineers on housing and commercial building design.  

Byron Nelson - Leland Industries

Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan by a father who was also a draftsman for patent applications, Byron Nelson and his brothers inherited a passion for entrepreneurship and fascination with manufacturing processes. Byron entered the work world at the age of 16 in the tool and die trade and shortly thereafter started his long journey in the fastener business. By 1971. he developed the skill and savvy to open his own distribution company. Ever the innovator, in 1984 Byron purchased a few pieces of equipment and formed his own manufacturing company under the name Leland Industries Inc. Through hard work and a knack to finding niche market segments in an industry dominated by large multi-national companies. Leland Industries now has 200.000 sq. ft. and 40.000 sq. ft. manufacturing facilities housing over 300 machines and employs 200 people at 9 locations throughout North America. Byron has seen the once competitive Canadian fastener manufacturing industry change to one dominated by low-priced imported product with only a handful of Canadian fastener manufacturers left servicing about 10% of the total Canadian market. At a high personal cost and determination to save Canadian manufacturing. Byron successfully pursued anti-dumping remedies in a case that has become the single largest in Canadian history. With great pride, Leland continues to produce products 100% North American made. While contributing to many charitable causes. Byron has become a staunch supporter of Canadian Diabetes and the Sunnybrook Foundation. He also pursues...

Shelley Bacon

Shelley Bacon is the CEO of Northern Cables Inc., a privately held Canadian manufacturer of low voltage power cables located in Brockville, Ontario. He is one of the principles who started the company in 1996. Shelley attended McGill University and graduated with a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering in 1975. While working full time he completed one half of an MBA at McMaster University. He has worked at DOFASCO, Litton Business Systems, Noranda, and Phillips Cables in research and development, process engineering and management roles. His career has taken him through primary steel manufacturing, corrosion and coatings, high speed steels, nickel and zirconium nuclear tubing, and aluminum and copper electrical cable manufacturing. Shelley is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario, a director of Electro-Federation Canada, a director of the Brockville YMCA, a representative on the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission, and volunteers on the Rideau St.Lawrence Science Fair Committee.