Who do you think knows best about how to run a successful business? Businesses owners who work hard, employ people and build our local economy, or politicians?

Governments across Canada have been giving in to environmental groups and are now considering telling businesses which energy source they have to use, no matter the cost or consequences. In Ontario alone there are more than 30 municipalities who have voted in favour of phasing our natural gas. Other provinces like BC have said they’ll ban energy choice for their residence by 2030.

A recent study found that the average Ontario family will pay $3,300 more just to heat their home.

That’s why we’ve decided to fight back;

  • We engage with politicians and businesses across Canada, building a coalition of interests to push back on these types of bans.
  • We speak to the people who make the decisions and tell them how getting rid of energy choice will have a negative impact on businesses and taxpayers
  • We conduct research on the impact that these decisions make on businesses across Ontario.

Ending these types of bans is not easy, you know that there are many entrenched interests who don’t care about the struggles of Canadian businesses. That’s why we need your help, join today and let’s fight for greater energy choice.

Will you sign up?