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Toronto, January 23, 2024: The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada (CCMBC) are very pleased that Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy, reacted quickly to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) decision in a recent proceeding regarding Enbridge’s application to provide natural gas to future housing developments. CCMBC President Catherine Swift stated “As this decision was made just before the Christmas holiday, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved. Enbridge had applied to the OEB to expand its natural gas grid to accommodate the significant amount of new housing development planned for Ontario. The OEB rejected this proposal on the basis that it did not take into account the transition away from fossil fuels.”

This foolish OEB decision, clearly influenced by climate activists promoting an unrealistic future without natural gas, stated gas connections to new homes must be paid for immediately by the developer, not by the usual process of homeowners paying for thesennections over a 40-year time period. This would mean an up-front charge to developers of about $4,400 per home. This was undoubtedly meant to discourage the use of natural gas in future developments, as the OEB also recommended the installation of heat pumps, which have been shown to be unreliable in Canada’s cold winters. 

Fortunately for future Ontario homeowners, Minister Smith reacted within 24 hours to state that the provincial government planned to introduce legislation to overturn this decision. Swift added

“Considering what we have seen in other provinces during the recent cold snap, Minister Smith clearly made the right decision to ensure future Ontario homeowners will enjoy the reliability and reasonable cost of natural gas.”

Of course, the “climate” groups are up in arms, but they prioritize only their own ideological interests, not the well-being of Ontarians. Swift noted “The Ford government is doing what a government should do – defending the interests of average people against ideologues pursuing an increasingly questionable agenda.” Minister Smith should introduce legislation to overturn the OEB decision as soon as possible to ensure companies like Enbridge and housing developers have certainty regarding the new housing construction the province so desperately needs.   


The CCMBC ( was formed in 2016 with a mandate to advocate for proactive and innovative policies that are conducive to manufacturing, business retention and safeguarding job growth in Canada. For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Catherine Swift at 416 816 7248 or [email protected].  

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