Robert Lyman is an energy economist. He is a former federal public servant of 27 years,

diplomat for 10 years. He's concerned that the adverse effects of climate policy will become

so extreme that the public will demand a U-turn in public policy on climate change and

carbon taxes. Robert explains that even though many people feel they are 'saving the planet

' for our children, in fact in terms of the global scope, Canada is a very small emitter -

only 1.5% of global emissions. China emits 30% of the world's GHG emissions, by far the l

argest of any country and their emissions continue to grow. The greatest growth in emissions

is in the developing world, thus nothing Canada does will reduce emissions. Your quality

of life is at risk due to the current climate policies. Spending more attention on adaptation

is more important for Canadians. Watch Robert Lyman's full presentation:

Friends of Science Twentieth Annual Event,

With Dr. Ian Clark and Robert Lyman | Friends of Science.


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