Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Crippling New Brunswickers Fredericton – Today, Blaine Higgs,

Premier of New Brunswick, released the following statement calling on Justin Trudeau

to cancel the Carbon Tax hike scheduled for April 1st: Since imposing his Carbon tax six years ago

, New Brunswickers have been subject to brutal increases every single year. These

make the cost of everyday items such as food, fuel and groceries more expensive

, driving up the cost of living for everyone. Despite repeated calls from

the Premiers of almost every province, Justin Trudeau has refused to cancel the carbon tax.

In fact, he wants it to go up even faster. Over the next four years, his Liberal government

will quadruple the carbon tax. That begins on April 1st, with a 23% increase. Even if

he won’t cancel the tax outright, he can stop his plan to impose even more harm on New Brunswickers

and Canadians by halting the planned tax increase. Justin Trudeau is putting

ideology above individuals and politics over people. The urgency is real, and

Canadians deserve better than this. Justin Trudeau must listen to Canadian’s

and stop making life more expensive.