Peter Gossmann - Vice-President of CCMBC

Peter Gossmann is currently a partner at Plasticap. responsible as General Manager since 2007. He has held positions in the plastics industry since 1978. This includes 25 years in the field of plastic injection mould making 2 years in plastic injection machine manufacturing and 10 years in the business of plastic processing specifically in the cap and closure market. In his 37 year career, he has been a small business owner in whole or in part for 27 of those years. He started his first business in mould making in 1985 at the age of 27, joined as a partner in a large mold making company in 1996, sold his interest in that business in 2003 and joined Plasticap as a partner in 2007. As a senior VP in the mould making business Mr. Gossmann was fully responsible for 5 mold making companies in Canada the USA and Germany having a total of 300 skilled mold makers, designers and engineers with revenues of $50 million. Prior to investing in Plasticap Mr. Gossmann held the position of Business Manager for two years at a world class Canadian injection moulding machine manufacturer and for the last 10 years has held the position of VP GM at Plasticap.