Danielle Smith challenges Trudeau to call an election: Full Comment podcast. Toronto Sun

The tension between Ottawa and Alberta is rising. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently
attacked Premier Danielle Smith’s plans to restrict children from medically transitioning genders.
This, after his environment minister demanded the province curb its oil industry and overhaul
its gas-dependent power grid. Smith joins Brian Lilley this week, and says that while she would
prefer to collaborate with Trudeau, she’ll fight if necessary. Smith also tells Lilley why she thinks
Trudeau has already begun campaigning for the next election by beating up on Alberta. In that
case, she says to him, “let’s just do it” — challenging Trudeau to call an election where she says
Canadians can decide whether they prefer federal-provincial confrontation or co-operation.
(Recorded Feb. 22, 2024.)

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