Al Diggins, Chairman of the Board, Treasurer and EMC General Manager

Since founding EMC nearly 30 years ago and incorporating as a unique not-for-profit organization in 1997, Al has guided EMC's growth and development from a small 18 member local association. into 'Canada's Largest Manufacturing Consortium'.

An entrepreneur at heart. Al's 40+ years of experience — acquired through executive & senior management positions in manufacturing and banking industries — gives him the unique ability to lead his team, helping manufacturers to achieve competitive advantage in all facets of their business.

Al's and his team's ability to forge trusted relationships across all sectors of industry has been a key reason why EMC remains strong and members are continuously able to share their ideas, best practices and expertise with their peers.

In 2018, Al retired as President and transitioned into the role of Chairman of the Board, Treasurer and EMC General Manager.